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SQL Service Broker Management Studio 2005.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I been spending last few months in this project for the connected systems developer competition. After looking at some of the features of SQL server 2005, the one things that attracted me a lot as an Integration person is SERVICE BROKER, which helps your to build scalable, reliable, asynchronous messaging style communication between two SQL Servers (whether its local or situated remotely). Cool thing is SERVICE BROKER is included in the free version of the product SQL EXPRESS as well (there are few limitations, but for basic use its more than enough).

The one thing I felt missing was a cool tool to configure, manage, develop and administer SERVICE BROKER application. As a starting point I decided to build an "Object Explorer" for service broker objects (the one that comes with SQL Mangement Studio is pretty basic and doesn't allow you to do much).

Some of the key points I took before beginning this project

1. Must be very simple to use
2. Must be as close as to SQL Managment Studio.
3. Should look professional, I belive professional looks gives more confident to a product than anything else.
4. Should have a solid base to allow extensibility.

I haven't published the source code yet, but trying to form a community to build this project as a great tool for SERVICE BROKER apps.

To read more about what the application can do, read this document.

User Guide

Download the "How to" guide from
How to Guide

To play with the application, download it from GOTDOTNET and give me your feedbacks.
SQL Server 2005 JUNE CTP version is required
MSI Package



  1. Anonymous said:

    Does this also work with SQL Server 2005 September CTP? Thanks.

  1. Saravana Kumar said:

    The tool will work with SQL Server 2005 September CTP. Cheers Saravana

  1. Davide Mauri said:

    I'd like to help you in the development of such usefult tool. I've been using broker since the first beta. (

  1. Rudolf said:

    Now that SQL 2005 has gone into production (.Net 2.0) would this application still work? By this I mean the version that is downloadable.

  1. Kjell-Åke Andersson said:


    will you update the repository on codeplex to contain the installer as well?

  1. Anonymous said:

    Could you please provide us the updated link for MSI?!


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  1. Bill said:

    I believe this is it

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